Bio Remediation is working

In a follow-up to an earlier story we ran, yesterday the FNP had an update on the effectiveness of the Bio-balls in controlling algae growth in Carroll Creek.

According to the article:

The use of bio-balls has dramatically decreased the amount of algae appearing in the creek, said Roelkey Myers, director of parks and recreation.

Eight of the softball-sized, plastic orbs have been placed in the creek between Bentz and East streets. The balls slowly release enzymes that compete for the same nutrient the algae needs to grow.

From Quigley Brown's Great Frederick Float photo stream

Overall, Myers said, he has seen a 90 percent reduction in the prevalence of algae blooms in the creek.

I think the Promenade is looking and smelling a lot better this year. What do you think?



0 thoughts on “Bio Remediation is working

  1. I had dinner at Hinode the other night and watched a gentleman use a hook to pull algae out of the creek, so it just isn’t the bio-balls that are working.


  2. I just walked a 1/4 mile stretch at the east end of Carroll Creek (near the fairgrounds), and there is more algae this year than I have ever seen before. If the area between Bentz and East Street was a small-scale sectional test… please proceed with distributing the bio-balls throughout Carroll Creek.,


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