Free-For-All:Westview Shopping Center

I drove down Rte 85 for the first time in a long time today and was surprised to see how much progress (if that’s what you want to call it, that’s up to you) has been made to the area. The road to connect to New Design Road appears to be well on it’s way with a couple bridges done already. There’s construction starting as well on the buildings that are going in. I know we’ve mentioned this particular development before, but there’s a “Now Leasing” sign in front of the development.

What would you like to see answer that “now leasing’ sign?

Update:  Here’s a website that has more details about the shopping center.  It’s going to be called Westview Village and, as mentioned in comments, the only tenant listed so far is Mamma Lucia.



0 thoughts on “Free-For-All:Westview Shopping Center

  1. Got a coupon in the mail yesterday for a free 8′ sub from firehouse, no purcahse necessary. Gives a couple more coupons on the back too. May have to try it out this week or weekend. Coupon was in the valuepack.


      • Went yesterday to get my free 8′ sub. I placed my order online and was told for anything under 6 to 7 subs the wait time is usually 30 minutes. I waited approx 25 (as it is a 3 minute drive for me to the store) and they had no order for me in their system. They finally found the print job they had done to pass my order through in between the registers. The manager was standing there and apologized up and down and offered to walk my order through. It was really crazy busy in there, but noticed the sandwich line (about 7 people lined up fixing sandwiches and 3 people running the steamers) was working at a fast pace so I told her it was ok just put my order in there and I could wait. About 5 minutes and I had my sandwich. Getting my fountain soda took longer then my sandwich hard because the lines backed up all the way past to the back of the store where the soda machine was located.

        I got the Italian Sandwich : Genoa Salami, Pepperoni, Ham, Provolone Cheese and Italian Dressing sprinkled with Italian Seasonings and served “Fully Involved” with extra cheese and bacon added.

        I have to say it was really really good. The seasoning and dressing is what made the sandwich. I would definitely go back but not make it an all the time thing.

        For a 8′ sub, brownie, and medium drink the total would have been roughly 9.00. This time it was 2.00 due to to the free sub.


      • HA! I received a consumer coupon in the mail yesterday and got another free 8′ inch sub coupon. Guess I got lucky.


  2. Firehouse Subs is open. It was definitely as good as I remember it from South Carolina. Chili is not as good as homemade but good overall.
    KP, I doubt Cheesecake will come to that plaza only because Mimi’s is similary and has already signed and being built. I think Cheesecake would see that as direct competition so its probably wishful thinking.


  3. This past Tues. evening, I stopped by WOW Wingery to pick up a preview menu for a bunch of us planning a get-together there in a couple weeks. After grabbing the menu and noting the very busy, full house at about 6 p.m., I decided to amble over to Firehouse Subs just to take a quick look. Here, too, the place was jumpin’, with every table taken and a jumble of folks milling around waiting to place orders. A spur-of-the-moment thought crossed my mind about sampling my first Firehouse Sub. But given the crowd and hub-bub I quickly decided to save that milestone for another occasion.

    I noted the long line of empty storefronts snaking along the shopping center as I drove out, as well as Mimi’s Cafe taking shape near the entrance but still far from completion. The Wingery and Sub owners must be pretty pleased with the business they’re getting right out of gate and with little else around to draw customers, if what I observed that Tuesday evening was representative at all.


  4. How about opening…Dunkin Donuts (with a drive up window)? Arthur Treachers Fish and Chips? Long John Silvers? Carvel? Jack in the Box? Hardees? Chili’s? Maybe a place that serves natural casing hot dogs? Lots of places in CT serve them either deep fried or cooked on the griddle with bacon grease….oh yeah, gotta have bacon on the dog! A real bakery or deli? Butcher shop?


  5. You guys need to go to a good sub place other than Firehouse Sub. I went there a couple of weeks ago and the subs were as bad as Subways. What has happened to us as a society that we have become so used to quick, assembly line, sub par food.

    My family owned a few of Italian Sub shops and even though they are more expensive, it show you what you are missing at Subway or Firehouse subs. If you want to check out the difference, go to Nick’s Italian Grocery in Prince Frederick or Waldorf, Gallo’s in North Beach, or Italian Gourmet in Vienna Virginia. Sorry Frederick, the best sub shop we have anywhere near us is Vignola’s downtown and since it was sold a couple of years ago, it went downhill.


    • Re Firehouse Subs, I wouldn’t go as far as John and call them “bad,” but to me, they’re nothing special. Actually, between the two, I tend to prefer Subway’s offerings. But I don’t go to either sub shop expecting something special. I suppose it’s true that many of us today are OK with unremarkable food when it’s quick, accessible, and inexpensive.


      • Maybe I went a bit overboard with the bad comment but I am a huge fan of subs and am easily disappointed with sub shops. I think we should expect more for our dollars these days.


      • We were looking forward to Firehouse Subs, but our experience was not good. it took a long, long time to get the food. I had the ‘Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket’ and the texture was like eating a sponge. The meat was dry and all packed into the bread. I don’t know how they managed to make the meat like that, but it was gross.


      • For what its worth to them… I forwarded some of these comments along with my own sub-par feedback to Firehouse Customer Service. I thought they should know, and if they care, maybe they will step it up. I remember the one in Myrtle Beach being really good. Not sure why this one doesnt measure up.


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