Where Oh Where are the Piano Bars?

Merry C. asks a great question over on the Discussion Board (don’t forget about the new Frederick Forum where questions can be discussed more easily than on the Discussion page.  It’s just easier to stick with one topic there, rather than trying to answer a question in Discussion that was asked 50 comments ago.  Anyway…)

Merry’s question, which has me stumped:

I’d like to find a nice piano bar to go to for Valentine’s Day. My husband loves them.Any suggestions?

I don’t know if any piano bars exist in Frederick.  Anybody know?



0 thoughts on “Where Oh Where are the Piano Bars?

  1. You may want to try the Braddock Inn in Braddock Heights.
    4830 Schley Avenue
    Braddock Heights, MD 21714

    I know they have a Blue jam/Open mic every Thursday night, but not sure they have a piano bar or not. The food is supposed to be pretty good, too.


  2. Thanks, you guys. : )

    I’d never done the piano bar thing but we ended up in one on a cruise and loved it.

    I’m going to call around to all these suggestions, I appreciate them very much.


  3. Merry C: Schooner Bar on some Royal Caribbean ship? Yeah, I miss it too.

    What she’s talking about is not just some bar/restaurant where someone is noodling out 88 strings music for ambiance. But, a place where the piano player knows a huge range of songs that the people in the bar can enjoy and sing along with if they are so inclined. There are a few in DC (one of which used to have a showtune leaning (the best example of that one is the late lamented 88 in NY, but I digress)). Sadly, there is nothing like that in Frederick., although Venuti’s does, I think, still have the piano in their window from when they tried it out a number of year’s back.


  4. By the way…It has been announced that my favorite Donna Summer will be tearing the roof off of Wolf Trap on July 5th!!! It is going to be one hot show and you will work up a sweat as you will be on your feet for two hours!!!!!!!! She is still HOT STUFF and her new album will be out soon. The new track “I’m a Fire” is gonna be a hit!!!! The clubs are already getting advanced copies and people are going nuts!!! Her new album is called “Crayons” and is on Sony/Burgundy Records.


  5. Dutch’s Daughter just opened a lounge in their lower level called Dutch’s Dungeon. It is a great place to have a unwind, have a drink and grab a bite. The entertainment for the evening was Professional Pianist, Paul Warthen. He will be playing again on Friday, March 7th, from 6-9pm. Stop by and check it out, it is sure to be a great time.


  6. New to Maryland, play mostly ragtime but can do anything; requests sometimes require a pull from my “magic bag” of sheeet music and/or cheat sheets. Venue requires a real, tuned piano. I don’t do keyboards as a soloist or gigs with lame brother-in-law drummers. But I can likely get a fairly well-known guitarist-songwriter to do a gig if the house is interested.


  7. When I was younger my father use to play piano, and sing the old songs of Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Sam Cooke, Tony Bennett… ! Sometimes he would go to open piano nights at some piano bars and play and sing. He would even get me to come up and sing. Now Dad has passed, but his legacy of the songs he played and sang are in my head… and I would love to share them with someone… and even hear songs sang like that in a cozy setting… I hope we don’t let these songs die.



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