Pargo's Closing

We met a friend for drinks at Pargo’s last night and the bartender told us that they are closing down on July 2nd and the building will be torn down so that retail shops can be built in that spot. There’s also a sign out front that says if you have any coupons, they should be redeemed by the end of this month.

I hope they have someone who will put all that wood inside Pargo’s to good use.


From an article in todays’ (Wednesday) FNP:

Fans of Pargo’s Restaurant on Spectrum Drive will soon have to dine elsewhere.

The restaurant, near the FSK Mall, is closing July 3 and will be demolished.

Dick Buskell, a spokesman for Chain Bridge Properties, which owns the 2.2-acre site, said it will be transformed to retail use.

“It’s still in the preliminary engineering stage,” he said Tuesday, “but the target is to make it an upscale apparel and jewelry store center.”

Buskell said there would be a 13,000-square-foot retail building and another 6,000-square-foot pad site on the property.



0 thoughts on “Pargo's Closing

  1. No, they just said retail shops. I’m wondering if this is connected to the plans for the trailor park area behind Lowe’s. I haven’t heard an update on that, but I remember that area was going to be developed and the people who live there were supposed to move.


  2. When I go to lowes, I love rollin’ through that trailerpark. On of the guys has a new vette parked in front of one. Thats good prioritizing.

    As for Pargos, I never was a huge fan, but hopefully they put something great in.


  3. Just what is needed in Frederick – more chain retail shops!!! How about improving the road over in that area first before building more shops. There are several empty spots in the malls already. At Christmas time, it is faster to drive down to Montgomery Mall than a mall in Frederick.


  4. Aww my boyfriend and I had our first date there. Although it turned out awful and we didn’t see each other for almost a year afterward… it is still sad.


  5. I saw that sign yesterday while on my lunchbreak. I was a little sad at first, and then realized that I have not eaten there in quite some time. I always felt like I could get the same quality food and experience for cheaper at other places. I guess others felt the same, since they are going out of business.


  6. Mixed feelings. I’ve had some good meals there, but I found them to be on the pricey side also.

    I know stores are going in, but I wish there’d be a Bill Bateman’s Bistro coming to the area.


  7. I read in Frederick Magazine 6 months or so back that Cheesecake Factory was supposed to be coming to Frederick…anyone heard an update on that?


  8. Never been a big fan of Pargo’s. Always thought they were a bit overrated. Best pretzel sandwich, eh? Just curious…who would the runner-up be?

    Unless I’m mistaken, they are improving the road on the front side of FSK. Appears they are adding a lane in each direction. And while no one would disagree that it’s a long overdue improvement, it still seems a shame to me that the mall perimeter road is a primary throughway for traffic. That’s just poor design.


  9. You know what is really sad about this? Pargo’s is one of the few commercial buildings with interesting architecture. It is a crying shame that they are tearing it down. At least move something else into the spot.

    They used to have awesome buffalo wings, but last time we were there they weren’t on the menu any longer 😦


  10. Sarah, I just got some there last week and you are right, they are pretty good. I noticed on the menu that they have 4 styles of wings and if you want buffalo style, you have to order them that way specifically.

    And you are also right about the architecture. When I was there, I looked around and thought the building would make an awesome house in the woods!


  11. ickkk, Cheesecake Factory? I’d way rather see Pargo’s there than Cheesecake Factory… talk about over-rated, over-priced food…


  12. When will it stop???? Fredrockville indeed.

    Maybe we ought to plant trees instead of build crappy, overpriced make-us-fat-and-poor chain restaurants. Maybe we ought to have dinner a home with our families.


  13. I can’t believe people are upset that a chain restaurant is closing, especially one located in a highly congested area. I suggest using this as an opportunity to try one of the many great independent restaurants in the area.


  14. Congrats on getting noticed by NBC25.

    I think the tired needs to be replaced by something new in order to keep the community vibrant. Also as someone pointed out above…I hope someone uses the interior wood and fixtures… That would be great looking in a Great Room, Family room or a bar.


  15. Don’t worry, no chain restaurant going in Pargos old spot …

    “It’s still in the preliminary engineering stage,” he said Tuesday, “but the target is to make it an upscale apparel and jewelry store center.”


  16. JW- at least it was a local chain. Friday’s, Ruby Tuesday, Olive Garden are everywhere. The NBC article said that people stopped going to Pargo’s not because the food was bad, or the prices too high, but because of name recognition of the other places. If we don’t like chains in our area we have to STOP GOING to them and encourage our friends to do so. They wouldn’t survive if people didn’t go. STOP GOING PEOPLE.


  17. “If we don’t like chains in our area we have to STOP GOING to them and encourage our friends to do so. They wouldn’t survive if people didn’t go. STOP GOING PEOPLE.”

    Yes! Yes! Yes!


  18. OK, so tear down every restaurant and only eat at home. That is absurd logic to me. I see Frederick as having many independent and chain restaurant options. To survive in a capatalistic society we need all types and sizes of businesses. If you despise chains and “big businesses” it might be best to move to the Appalachian Mountains where you could truly be happy. NOW, I’m being absurd.


  19. I’m with you, Mindy. Part of growth is celebrating both the original independent types as well as the better chains . . . Frederick has more of both now than they used to, and it’s great. I remember driving through downtown in the early 90s and it wasn’t anything like it is today. I say, cheers to Cacique and Cheesesteak Factory, to Proof and Starbucks.


  20. “If you despise chains and “big businesses” it might be best to move to the Appalachian Mountains where you could truly be happy.”

    I’d lay odds that developers will be moving into the Appalachians within 10-20 years.

    I may be wrong, but my perception is that out of all of the restaurants that have closed in Fredrockville in the last few years, more of them have been independent locals than chains. Personally, I’d rather see more local joints have the opportunity to be successful than see another chain move in.


  21. I talked to one of the bartenders at Pargos’s last night and they are going to have an auction of the contents of the restaurant. She thought the date was going to be July 25th but they will put the information on the board out front.


  22. I loved going to Pargo’s for their Queso Dip, it was the best. I have been searching on line for the recipe. If anyone out there knows it please post it.




  23. I personally loved Pargo’s and it was a big part of our lives for over 10 years. I hate Olive Garden, Friday’s aka commerical chains. Pargos treated people like family, so they’ll be missed 😦

    The auction will be Wed, July 25th at 10am. They will advertise it in the papers the week prior.


  24. Aww, that’s so sad. 😦

    My husband and I went on one of our first dates there.

    My, my, how Frederick has changed since I left in 2001.


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