Wegman's Coming to Frederick

Wegman’s and a Lowe’s will be coming to a new shopping center off of Route 26. Here is the plan for the shopping center (PDF). The center will be done in Spring 2008.

This is in addition to the Northgate Plaza right up 15 and I think there is even another shopping center coming to Route 26, but I have to look into that further.

All these new shopping centers around my crib will be convenient, but I dread the new traffic they may bring to my side of town.

UPDATE: More details on this from the FNP, plus confirmation of the second shopping center on 26.

Another shopping center is planned just across Md. 355 from the Clemson site. Earlier this year, JBG Rosenfeld Retail said it was planning a development that would include a big box store and smaller retail businesses.

The plan for the center, to be called Market Square, is very flexible, according to Rosenfeld spokeswoman Theresa Vivona. The development could include residential units, separated from the retail stores by a road that would go from Md. 355 to Monocacy Boulevard.



80 thoughts on “Wegman's Coming to Frederick

  1. Dude,

    Yes, that is what I am saying. Not overnight, but they can’t compete.

    When I moved here from Rochester in 1988, 75% of all non-taxable food items in Monroe County (population 1 million) were purchased at a Wegman’s.

    Although I don’t think WalMart is scared.


  2. WEGMANS UPDATE: This morning I talked to Wegmans’ Department of Consumer Affairs at the corporate HQ in Rochester, New York.

    The Wegmans official told me: “The Frederick, Maryland, store is in a ‘To Be Determined’ state, but it’s pretty far down the list. It will not open in 2008, and I’m not even sure it will open in 2009. There are several other Maryland stores ahead of it. The Frederick location is slated to open in the future, but we don’t have a date yet and, again, it’s pretty far down the list.”

    The Wegmans official disputed that Wegmans had ever committed to a 2008 opening. When I mentioned newspaper stories announcing a Wegmans opening in northern Frederick in 2008, the official denied it and responded, “Media stories sometimes take on a life of their own.”

    As background, on June 28, 2006, Ed Waters, Jr., of the Frederick News-Post, reported, “A Wegmans supermarket and a Lowe’s home improvement center will anchor a 38-acre shopping center being planned at the northern edge of the city at U.S. 15 and Md. 26, the developer said Tuesday.

    Construction could begin as early as next spring, with completion of the project early 2008, said Howard Biel, senior managing director of Faison, the North Carolina firm developing the site.”


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  4. Yes, it is an extreme shame that Wegmans will not be here in Frederick any sooner. As a native Rochestarian and previous Wegmans employee, I don’t know how much longer I can take the prices at Giant and the lines and unfriendly service at Walmart.


  5. Want to hear about ironies?

    I saw a Wegman’s truck–a big 18-wheeler–pulling out of FSK Mall the other day. I don’t know if the driver was lost, but I was certainly glad Darrell Russ didn’t spot it for fear it would have driven him nuts!!


  6. Hello Darrell:

    Good to hear from you again. The Clemson Corner project was actually annexed into the City of Frederick in December and the article in the Frederick News Post today told about the County Commissioners vote yesterday to allow us the zoning we needed. The project is finally fully approved and you should see us break ground later this year (most likely this Fall). Look for Wegmans to open probably in the Fall of 2010, but we should know a more precise date in the next few months. As I mentioned to you before, I live in Middletown and shop in Frederick all the time and cannot wait for Wegmans to open too! In addition to Wegmans and Lowe’s, it looks very likely (but not guaranteed) that like Marshalls, Noodles & Co. and Chipotle will also join the project. Our office is very busy now trying to add additional retailers, so stay tuned and feel free to check in periodically to see how we are coming along. Thank you.

    Cathy Hess
    Leasing Coordinator


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  8. wegmans is too over priced for frederick if it comes safeway will leave but the giant eagle, and landover based giants have other formats to convert to. To keep competitive I come from pittsburgh PA
    ever see a market district 150-200,000 square foot palace blows away any wegmans Ive ever seen. And the prices and service are great.You should check one out owned by the giant eagle company. Bad timing for wegmans I believe that the current economic state will keep wegmans at bay. But if arrival is in the future I cant say they will last very long. Especially if giant eagle goes market district.


  9. I have to agree. I know many people who cannot wait for Wegman’s to open. It does a booming business in No VA and the other stores survive quite well. The demographics of Frederick have changed over the years and there’s a influx of people who, like us, have lived all over the US and in other countries and/or have traveled a great deal and we want a much bigger variety in our grocery choices just like we are eager for more, and more authentic, restaurant choices.


  10. all,

    check out a market district I am telling you a wegmans shadows in comparison to one. The conditions, service, and pricing are phenominal and the offerings are un matched by any competitor, nothing like you have ever experienced in a wegmans or any other traditional grocery store. By the way it is family owned and operated unlike wegmans the service you recieve there is incredible. And not some show people there actually take pride in their work and the service you recieve. And the tip of the iceberg is providing a consistent instock position and conditions that are always grand opening so unlike most grocery stores that knock your socks off for their opening period then conditions and service fall off market district owned by the giant eagle co is consitent and unmatched. check one out you will see!!!


  11. They have put up black plastic around the perimeter of land where the Wegmans will be. I think this means construction will begin soon. Hooray!


    • Well, that’s encouraging news! And an antidote to my disappointment that Trader Joe’s doesn’t feel the Frederick area meets its criteria for opening a new store.


  12. I would also love a Trader Joes. I still think the old Carmacks on Market St would be a perfect locaton. It is sad that the building has been vacant for so long.


  13. I’d love a Whole Foods, too, but I suppose that’s hoping for too much. And an REI. That would be heaven. I know = I should shop The Trail House. I have my reasons.


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