Heads or Tails Coming Soon

There is a great article (registration required) in the Frederick News-Post on Heads or Tails, a movie filmed mostly in Frederick:

Every 13th full moon, two people stand on the edge of a cliff, toss a coin and compete for a wish.

Little more is known about Fool Martyr Productions’ first feature-length film, “Heads or Tails” — a dark drama shrouded in secrecy since September 2003. “Even the actors don’t know the whole story yet,” said writer and director Clark Kline.

Shot almost entirely in Frederick, the “dramatic puzzle” — which revolves around four encounters with a Native American myth — premieres at the Weinberg Center for the Arts at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 19.

The movie jumps back and forth between the stories, discreetly hinting towards each character’s fate.

Classmates, Blaze (Jeff Keilholtz) and Typhoon (Jon Liddiard), learn of the myth from their professor. Blaze sets out to convince Typhoon that the legend is more than just a myth.

Miller (Douglas Cathro), haunted by the memory of his wife and daughter (Madalyn Loughlin), finds the wish’s promise so alluring, his life might be unlivable without it. He has a choice to make, but is running out of time.

For Kari (Amber Davilla), the wish could be her salvation. She is powerless — cut off from friends and family — a prisoner in her own home. Her life has been heading the same direction every day, every year, for as long as she can remember. A flip of a coin could change that.

As for John (Mike Hotovy) . . . he is older, wiser. But with his wisdom comes fear. He heads for the open road to warn people of the wish and its curse.

Check out Fool Martyr Production’s blog for more details. If you are interested you can buy your tickets on the Weinberg site. I got mine already! Hopefully I will see you next Saturday.


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