The Westview Promenade is Blowing Up

Have you been over to the Westview Promenade lately? The shopping center has a R/C Theatres (stadium seating rocks), T.G.I. Friday’s, Macaroni Grill, Starbucks, Ann Taylor Loft, Chipotle, Champion Billiards, and more. These are all great stores so it is no wonder the center is busier than a roach motel near check out time (I just made that up, btw).

My wife and I met there last Friday night with plans to partake in some burrito gobbling at Chipolte. The parking lot was like the biggest bumper car ride I have ever seen. We ended up parking illegally behind the center.

Once our parking dilemma was taken care of we headed for Chipolte. It seemed about a third of Frederick was also in the mood for burritos. So we went to the Mediterranean Grill. The place has a nice décor, friendly staff, good prices, and decent food.

After dinner we walked around the center a little bit and there are a lot of different shops hidden away in there. There is an ice cream parlor (can never have too many of those); a place that buys and sells used baby clothes and toys; and a store dedicated to woodcarvings.

I usually go there to eat or catch a flick, but it may be worth your time to take a look at what else is there … if you can find a place to park.


0 thoughts on “The Westview Promenade is Blowing Up

  1. I’ve been to that shopping center several times, never stopped at the Mediterranean Grill. I’ve gotten used to stadium seating in the movie theater, so, the Westview 16 is about the only place around that has it. My wife and I grab some subs from the Quiznos in that shopping center almost once a week.


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  4. I’m sorry Tish, I’ve been trying to find it today and I just can’t. It probably would have been quicker to drive down there today and look it up, rather than try to google it!

    I’m wondering if that store is still there?


  5. Mediterranean Grill is awesome, though I hate hate hate going out to Westview. Besides the parking, I hate strip malls and I hate encouraging them by patronizing them. At least the owner of Med. Grill is a local and the food is really fantastic. I try to shop downtown as much as possible.


  6. We went to the new restaurant “Home at Braddock Inn”, which was featured in the Gazette last week. We were there for breakfast Sunday morning. Oh boy, was it wonderful. Nice atmosphere. Great food. My 6 yr old commented on how she liked this restaurant because it was ‘quieter’. I let our waitress know to have another sign though–because it was hard to find–since I wasn’t too familiar w/ the area. There is a sign on Maryland Ave on the top of the hill, but they need another on Shley Ave (take a left..go to the deadend, take a left to the Inn) I highly recommend this restaurant.


  7. Does anyone know the name of the Japanese restaurant in the Westview Promenade plaza? I’ve been trying to find it so we can make reservations there for my daughter’s 10th bday and I’m having NO luck!!


  8. Kory, I agree that dinner at the “Home at Braddock Inn” is a delightful experience and very relaxing. I’d love to see more restaurants like this, with local ownership and a sense of “place” as opposed to yet another chain eatery.

    I also agree that they’re a bit hard to find. Moreover, I think that more people need to be made aware that they are there–whether by advertisement or by word of mouth. Everybody, pls. check out the food and atmosphere of “Home at Braddock Inn” if you’d like to see this kind of establishment survive and prosper. It’s terribly hard for a local, family-owned restaurant to make a go of it nowadays.


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  10. While I know it’s “just” another TGI Friday’s, we’ve eaten there several times before heading on over to the movies at Westview Promenade and have enjoyed ourselves each time. No gourmet fare, of course–just a nice variety of tasty, inexpensive dishes (with a respectable sampling of lower cal/lower fat options). And, I must say, decent, attentive service that has never delayed us in getting to the movie on time. I’ve paid a lot more to go upscale–and enjoyed it a lot less.


  11. Yeah, they are pretty slow. But the food can be quite good. So, if you go with the knowledge that speed is not their forte – it’s a much better experience.

    Especially if you can snag an outside table on a great afternoon and watch all the folks stroll by.

    Definitely not a destination if you need a quick bite…


  12. The Mediterranean Grill isn’t fast food, meaning it takes a few extra minutes to for a freshly prepared, 100 authentic meal, to arrive at your table. This isn’t the rip-open-reheat-and-serve food of Macaroni Grill or Ruby Tuesday fame. Nor is it Sonic Drive-In. The Middle Eastern-born chefs prepare everything from scratch, and for them, Job #1 is flavor and authenticity, not speed.

    But if you’re willing to give them an extra 15-20 minutes, you will be rewarded with food that wows, interior design two levels above most anything else found in Frederick County restaurants, and a people-watching quotient on the promenade that never disappoints.

    The key is to arrive with the right mindset–one focused on quality, not on a stopwatch. All in all, it’s a lovely experience, especially when dining under the stars. And for us, we’ve always found the service excellent.


  13. Baltimore Coffee and Tea opened up today. I forget the name of the shopping center (Even though I work right next to it). But it is the one off crestwood and presidents court.


  14. Becky,

    Its called Westview Corner (not to be confused with Westview Village and Westview Promenade). I am excited to try Baltimore C&T hoping its a good alternative to Starbucks. Any reviews??? That shopping center is coming along slowly but a disappointment from the original projected tenants: Z pizza, 5 Guys, Greenberry’s, etc. But at least its there. Cant wait to see what else goes in.


  15. Wife and I went to Baltimore Coffee and Tea this morning. Prices are comparable, if not slightly better than Starbucks, and the coffee is very good and HOT. They brew 4 regular and 4 decaf flavors at a time, plus a variety of lattes to choose from. Plus a menu of pastries, bagels, and sandwiches.

    The thing that stood out for me is the amount of fresh beans they have on premises from which you can buy. We’ll definitely go back and get some beans to make coffee at home.


  16. There should probably be a separate thread for Baltimore Tea & Coffee but my wife and I went there and the experience was mixed. The store is well decorated and inviting. There were plenty of staff on hand and the smell of the beans was very enticing. I got an iced pumpkin spice and the roast beef sandwich. We also tried one of the gelatos. The food and drink were good, no problems.
    So here are the negatives: there were about 6 people working there so when my wife’s coffee order was missed for about 15 minutes when we were the only customers in the store, that was a little strange, but maybe isolated. She finally went over to ask about it and while she was standing at the register waiting for help, it took another 5 minutes for one of the people standing around to ask her if she wanted help. When we ordered the gelato, none of the three employees could pronounce them nor had they tried any of them. Maybe its a pet peeve of mine as a product manager but I think you should know your product if your representing it.
    All in all, I do hope it succeeds against neighboring Starbucks so I only provide this critique in hopes they improve their service and not close their doors in a year because they couldnt set themselves apart.


  17. I walk over about twice a day to get to get coffee. I do like the selection of already brewed coffee (4 regular, 4 decaf) and it is HOT. Every day and some times every afternoon they have a different selection. I could just in to smell the place. Prices are comparable to Starbucks, if not maybe less, as someone else has stated before. ALTHOUGH that has been one of my issues with them. Prices have changed. When I first went a large was like 1.58 + tax for the first week. The next week I started getting mediums and was charged the same as the large. Next time I got a large it was more expensive. So not sure if it was just a rookie training mistake or not.

    The other issue I have and I know that since they opened the “newbies” are still learning is that service is kind of slow and they are not sure how to make the made to order drinks. I learned that one on my first day.

    Food is good. Already prepared things such as bagels and salads. A cob salad – which is quit good -w as a tad expensive – around 6.25. It was a pretty big salad though. The treats are always delicious looking too – brownies, coffee cake, the normal coffee shop goodies.

    Looking around the store also gives you tons of tea selections and tons of coffee bean choices.

    Nice place – will give it some time for employee service to get better but all in all I choose it over starbucks because of the flavors and prices.


  18. By the way – the gelato – Tried the mango one the other day. Wasnt bad at all. Very rich though which is why I can understand the only two small cups to choose from. the prices are not that bad either for the small amount you get.


  19. Another comment on the Braddock Inn: first of all, you’ve got to understand the location. It’s nestled into some absolutely beautiful mountainside scenery; in warm weather, you can even eat outside. While I’ve also been there for Sunday morning breakfasts, as others have reported, every time getting the most *wonderful* food of its kind I’ve *ever* had – omelettes, and breakfast potatoes, sure, but really, who could have predicted that even their *toast* would be the best I’ve ever had – the other thing you need to know is that every Thursday night, they have a very cool blues jam, run by an extremely tasty “house band” (Kenny and the Cobras), who keep things under control when they’re not playing, so the jammers’ volume doesn’t overwhelm. This place was non-smoking before the law even stepped in. And, try some food or dessert, even on blues night – in particular, their Southwest Egg Rolls are, quite simply, fabulous. Sorry to be so effusive, but I really do mean it. Ooh, what luck, just realized today is Thursday – I know where I’m headed tonight!


  20. Dave, it’s good to see your comments re the Braddock Inn.

    I never see it advertised and frankly forget it’s there when considering where to go for a restaurant meal. Which is rather crazy on my part, since I did go there once maybe 2 years ago and all in my party enjoyed both the food and the beautiful setting. Good to know it’s still up and running–and hopefully is doing OK. Need to get my butt in gear and go!


  21. Darrell–re your “haunted” comment on Braddock Inn–seems like every restaurant in a historic old structure manages to have a ghost!


  22. Wasn’t sure where to post this… Does the Home at Braddock Inn have anyplace nearby for a good dog walk? I’m in charge of scouting a location for two friends to have lunch in Frederick and then take the whippets for a walk (not necessarily long, but they like nice scenery.) Any advice would be appreciated since I live about an hour away, thanks!


  23. Shelly, it’s been a long time since I’ve been up there but from what I remember, the Inn is in kind of a residential area with narrow roads and no sidewalks. I think you’d be able to get a very nice walk in up there.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, anyone.


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  25. Darrell, I still haven’t made it to Home at Braddock Inn for dinner as a followup to the enjoyable lunch my husband and I had there during Braddock Heights’ annual Open House Tour. But when we go I’ll be sure to ask about the status of the paranormal investigation.

    While my husband and I sensed no unusual vibes as we explored the historic structure and grounds (not that we were looking for any), we sure did enjoy the home-cooked-style meal, expansive views out the back windows, and relaxed ambiance.

    While I wouldn’t say I’m a believer, I’m nonetheless intrigued by the more convincing stories people tell of paranormal experiences. Maybe before too long we’ll tune into Haunted History or similar show on cable and find the subject is Home at Braddock Inn!


  26. I am the Executive Chef at Braddock Inn. Good to hear all the wonderfull comments!!!
    Have not heard anything about a paranormal investigation here yet. Though we heve some employees who worked here who used to live up stairs when employees did so, and they stick to the haunted story. On halloween, We did turn the upstairs into a haunte house, also, and gave free tours and drinks and snacks to the kids. It went really well and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Our website will be up and running soon and will keep you all posted!! please visit us soon


  27. Iggy, I for one look forward to checking out your website and menu! It could only help bring more business. As you noticed, there is definitely interest around here in learning more about Home at Braddock Inn!


  28. I heard there’s an elegant Jamaican restaurant coming to the westview promenade. Has anyone heard? This should be great. We need one!!! What do you folks think? Any thoughts?


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