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Open Thread Monday: March 12th Edition

These open threads provide a chance for us to chat with our neighbors. Ask questions, share news, or whatever you want. As long as it’s central to Frederick County and civil, anything goes.

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  1. Sushi Densha opened in Westview South last week. It’s nice inside and the conveyor belt concept is something different. Unfortunately, it’s a bit pricey for what you get and I’m not sure its existence will keep us from going to Montgomery County when we need good sushi, but still is nice to have an actual Japanese restaurant in Frederick and is a good addition to the neighborhood.

    • I was so excited for the opening of Sushi Densha. The sushi is good and the environment is nice. However, the price of the rolls on the conveyor belt are too high. You only get 3 pieces per plate. You can order a full roll of 6 pieces or more from the menu for cheaper then picking off of the conveyor belt.

      • Actually, I think grabbing from the conveyor is cheaper. The plates are priced $1.49, $2.49, $3.49, and $4.49. Take California roll as instance, it is $1.49 a plate for 3 pieces. So 6 pieces are slightly less than $3. If ordering from the menu, it is about $4.

  2. Hmmm I just noticed my comment above shows my name as “No” – that’s definitely not a nickname I like… Whoops!

  3. I’ve been so excited to Try Sushi Densha! Glad to hear that it’s finally open.

  4. We need a new springtime picture contest for the banner photo.

    • Thanks for the reminder on the spring photo. I will switch out the banners, I think I will do contests for Summer and Fall banners this year. Stay tuned.

  5. Something I’ve run into lately…..the price of bread has gotten very high, almost $5/loaf for name brand whole grain breads. I bought a loaf, without checking the “use by” date, and had it go moldy in just a couple of days. I had tossed the tag by then (knotted the opening). So yesterday I was going to buy another loaf (different store) and started reading the tags that have “use by” dates on them. I found dates back to March 5! I did find a brand that was dated to March 25 and took that. Bread is obviously being left on the shelf because of it’s price and outdated loaves may be far too common.

    • That is expensive!

      At that price you should get a fresh baked loaf at a bakery. Stone Hearth sells their loaves for about $4.50. And they are delicious! They are my favorite Frederick bakery for bread.

      • I’ll second that. They have great bread. If you don’t want to make a trip downtown I know their bread is stocked at Mom’s and the Common Market. Maybe other places too?

        • That’s what I’ll start doing. I used to buy whole grain bread at Panera as well and it was always excellent.

    • It’s happened to us a lot too. So now when I buy bread or rolls, if I think we won’t go through them very quickly, I toss half in the freezer. You can pull it out once the first half is gone or just pull it out as you need it. A few slices of bread only takes about 10 minutes to thaw on the counter. Even faster in the microwave.

      We go to the Hostess/Wonder Bread outlet every now and then. Buy a dozen loaves for 99 cents each and throw them in the freezer.

      • Where is the Hostess/Wonder Bread outlet?

        • I know that there is one up Hwy 40 westbound on the right side of the road. It’s small and easy to miss. I’ve been in it, just passed by it many times.

          • “Never been in it….” sorry

          • Wonder / Hostess
            19946 NATIONAL PIKE
            Hagerstown, MD 21740
            Distance 23.1 miles

          • Does anyone know whether or not the Thomas’ English Muffin bakery has a thrift shop? We used to live in a town that had a Pepperidge Farm bakery and they had a thrift shop that was open every Saturday morning.

  6. I’ve noticed the ever soaring price of bread as well. What gives? I’ve switched to the deli thins style of bread, which for whatever reason doesn’t go bad quickly (probably not a good thing!).

    Haven’t been to Stone Harth. will give it a try.

  7. I hike with 20 – 30 women at each event. Some use the new flat breads for their sandwiches and love them. Others have said that they tried them and could not eat them..that they were no better than slabs of cardboard. So I’ve avoided them. I’ll try Stone Hearth for real bread. :)

    • You won’t regret it! Plus they have a bunch of varieties like rosemary, challah, cranberry raisin, french country, black russian, etc. etc. I’m there every week – can you tell?

  8. I think this was mentioned before but bread is freezable. I buy 2 loaves at a time, freeze one loaf and pull it out to defrost in my kitchen sink at least 4 hours before I know I will need it.

  9. Went to Stone Hearth for the first time today. Wow!! Love it!! I was overwhelmed with the choices so I just bought a loaf of multi-grain bread and a package of hamburger buns for our pulled pork sandwiches tonight. I’ll be going back every week for sure! Now……..give me recommendations for an excellent butcher shop with a huge selection of meats and sausages!

    • Hemps in Jefferson or Wagner’s in Mt. Airy. But once the Farmer’s Market opens again, you have to try Danny Rohrer. During the off-season, he’s at the Dutch Plant farm every two weeks, Saturdays 10-12. I think he’ll be there tomorrow (March. 24). Terrific sausage, the best bacon on earth, and lamb to swoon over.

      • Thanks! We’ll definitely be trying out the Farmers Market this year. I’d love to find someone who sells good boudin blanc sausage. Gets a bit much to always have to drive down to Eastern Market in DC to get it, but that’s what we’ll do until someone here carries it.

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