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The Return of Freez King

Looks like the second coming of Freez King will be opening next month and serving …

Hand-Pattied All-Beef Hamburgers – Gourmet Salmon, Bison, Tuna, 100% Natural Local Pork, & Veggie Burgers

Tons of Classic, Modern and Unique Toppings to Create Your Ultimate Burger

Fresh-Cut Fries – All Beef Hot Dogs – Soft Serve & Hand-Dipped Ice Cream – Milkshakes

I’m in!


  1. I don’t like that in order to post this to Facebook, it comes along with an advertisement for mortgage lending…so, I’m not posting. Hmmm.

    • That FB share picks up an ad on this page. Post w/o thumbnail and no images will convey.

  2. Same owners and same ice cream?

    • I believe it’s new owners, new menu, and even a refurbished building. I think it may be Mike Tauraso’s new place.

  3. Not the same owners. Owner’s name is Mike….it will not be the same ice cream. Mike owns Black Hog, Tasting Room, and a bakery downtown…..can’t remember the name off the top of my head. He really knows what he is doing as far as the restaurant industry is concerned. I miss Freese King, but I think this will be cook too. It’s better than what is there now. It has been vacant for a few years now. I’m excited.

  4. This sounds perfect for summer. Can’t wait to try it out!

  5. Not sure what’s more exciting … The mouth-watering menu, or the possible photo-ops!

  6. I have to wait a month? :(

  7. The link for Freeze King says find more information on Facebook. I can’t find them on Facebook. The facebook link just opens my facebook, rather than for a Freeze King page.

    • How are you spelling it? It’s Freez King – no “e” on the end of Freez…..I found them just fine by clicking on their FB link and I did the “Like”

  8. I heard they are going through the final phases of construction and all the inspections. Looking to a mid-May opening. I live a block from there. It will be dangerous on my weight.

  9. It’s on my way too and from work every day…hmmmm, may be a stumbling block for my diet!! lol

    I only ate the Ice Cream at the Former Freeze King, never the food. Can anyone reccomend some things they LOVE from the former one that might be just as good at the new one and I may want to try??

    • I use to visit the old Freez King for the “Cottage Ice”. Wow! The best thing I’ve ever had anywhere. Tood a cool picture black and white photo of the sign lit at night. Gosh I miss it.

  10. I LOVED the grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches, cherry coke (with added grenadine), and banana and cherry hot fudge sundaes. May 9th is confirmed. Article in NewsPost this morning. The additions sound great as well, bison burgers, turkey burgers, and salmon!!

  11. Does anyone know the hours for Freez King? I can’t find them on their website or their facebook page.

    • They posted this on FB:

      Hours are gonna be; 11 a.m. -9 p.m., Sunday – Thursday. Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

  12. You do not have to get info for them on FaceBook they have their own website

    I can not wait to go.
    Was going tomorrow but they are closed on Mondays :0((

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